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Walmart: I may be changing my ways

I've been here a week now and haven't done much besides get my temporary room set up and learn the general surroundings of the neighborhood like the grocery stores, gas stations, and the local Walmart. Yes, I said it, the Walmart.  Anyone who knows me well knows that if I had a choice I'd stay as far away from Walmart as possible.  It's not that I have anything against saving money, and/or accomplishing almost all my errands in one place, it's just that I have an overall negative impression of the place. The thought of it conjures up images of cheaply/poorly made products and oddly-dressed people of whom candid photos have made a popular website. (If you've never checked it out, then click the link above and click on Photos. Be prepared to be thoroughly entertained.)

I am a Target girl all the way. Even though some products overlap as the same as Walmart but at a higher price point, I just feel better shopping there.  Heck I've even purchased clothes there that fell apart only after a couple wears so I can understand the argument that Target is the same as its competitor. Regardless, the Target marketing department has done its job well in positioning the brand in my mind as the best. 

However, I'd like to report that I have been to Walmart 3 times this week. 3 times! The local Target is farther away and it is not a Super Target, so it has less to offer and doesn't lend itself to my multiple visits.  But with the other place, it is not only the fact that I have made 3 trips that has shocked me, it's the fact that in my mind when I think about needing to buy things that I think of Walmart first!  It's a natural thought, a natural reaction of sorts, an instinct. What is going on?!!

Has Walmart replaced Target as my discount retailer of choice?  If so, when and how did that happen so quickly?  And how can I prevent it from getting worse?!

I guess I'll have to include proximity to Target as one of the neighborhood criteria when looking for my own place.  In the meantime I've already made a mini-list of things I need to get at...Walmart.


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