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The Big D! Highlights of our time in Dallas.

Dallas, dear Dallas. This city used to conjure up thoughts of the old TV series by the same name as well a tumbleweeds, hay barrels, and cowboys.  But now since so many of my close friends have moved there in the past couple years I associate it with friendships and fond memories.  Now I look forward to every chance I can get to visit!

Stephanie and I extended our roadtrip to Nashville a couple days so we could spend the weekend with folks we love.  Here are some pics of who we saw and what we did:

Girls night out with my BFF!
 Delicious chocolate morsels at a chocolate bar called Sublime.

 Sitting by the pond at Watters Creek.

Kids! Played with my friends' children all weekend.  Here are some of the cuties (permission given by all parents to post):

 Gotta love play dates!

Went to a service at Gateway Church, such a great place. Kari Jobe wasn't there leading worship, but it didn't matter. God's presence was there!

Dinners and lunches with more friends.

Thanks for the candy bar Ernie!

My only Dallas complaint: the freeways. Fortunately, or unfortunately, this claim has been confirmed by many friends who say the same. I caution all those planning to visit to watch the signs and drive cautiously so as not to miss your exit. I got lost several times in one weekend.  Interstate 35 goes North, South, East, and West...yikes!
It was a fabulous weekend overall, one I won't forget for a long time to come.  Now I'll just be looking forward to my next trip!


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