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2012: No More Familiarity

So often in our lives we long for familiarity.  As humans we usually prefer routine, structure, a life that is recognizable and secure. But I believe familiarity is a problem. The problem is that which it produces.  Familiarity is often times too comfortable. Too easy.

In opposition to familiarity, I agree with Michael Hyatt when he says comfort is overrated. Familiarity is too. It can cause us to become complacent and lose touch with the ability to examine our surroundings with objectivity.  We build biases and slowly give up our individual ability to analyze situations. Familiarity can lead to a dry and lifeless existence, dull relationships, and lack of vigor for life. 

I know these feelings all too well because it is what I felt in San Diego.  And after years of it I became internally unsettled, disgruntled.  As weeks and months went on I grew continually unhappy and unsatisfied. In order to break through beyond a flat life, I had to make a purposeful decision to change it. I consciously chose to refuse to live my life that way.  Yet in wanting to life differently it was going to have to be in a different place. I needed a new beginning, a fresh start. So I moved.

I had to leave to live.

I start 2012 with a little over 2 months of residence in Nashville.  Everything is still so new. I get excited to find new pockets of town, new streets, new grocery stores. I am feeling alive again.  Renergized and fresh.

This year I plan to do things I have never done before like run a half marathon and buy a pair of authentic *cowgirl* boots. I will meet new people and build new friendships. I will stretch beyond my capacity.  I will serve God and receive His love more than ever before.

I am in unfamiliar territory.  And I like it.

Here's a video of the moment I ushered in 2012 in Downtown Nashville with my friend Stephanie Fong.

Are you feeling led to walk into unfamiliar territory? Are you ready to embrace the excitement and challenge of it?! :)