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First impressions of Nashville: Fall Colors!

It's been a couple weeks since my last post, I've been distracted taking in all the my new surroundings.  But guess what, I'm experiencing seasons! Hands down the coolest thing about moving here so far has been seeing the colors of the trees and leaves on the ground. This may seem like a simple thing to some of you, but it's entirely new to this Cali girl.

Some trees have various shades of yellow, orange, red, and green all mixed in.  It's quite a lovely sight. Or sometimes I'll drive or walk somewhere and all of a sudden around the bend there will be an avenue of trees rich in various colors.  Here's a sample of what I'm talking about with pics taken in my neighborhood:

PARKS: I have visited 2 outdoor places so far- Edwin Warner Park and Radnor Lake.
Edwin Warner (the smaller brother park to the more popular Percy Warner Park) was really pretty.  Quite lush and full with many trees still holding their leaves.  I felt like I was walking through an enchanted forest and should have been wearing a hood riding on horseback. :)

Radnor Lake was really nice too.  As my friend Samantha described, it indeed "looked like a painting". The lake trail was about 2.5 miles all the way around.  Normally I'd walk that in about 45 minutes, but it took me 1.5 hours because I stopped so often to stare at the lake and take pictures.

Both times I was there I saw photographers taking photos of bands, and one time a model, against the backdrop of the lake.  It's a stunning backdrop for just about any type of shoot.

Weather: Most days have been in the low 70s or 60s.  Not too bad I've gotta say.  However, there have been a couple days it was in the 40s already and in the 30s at night...yikes! I don't think even my warmest clothes will be enough to sustain me through the encroaching winter, which I have to admit I'm slightly nervous about.  Good thing holiday sales are starting soon cuz mama needs a new pair of shoes, and boots, and coats, and gloves, and...well you get the picture. 

Happy Fall Season!


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