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So what's the story?

Hi everyone, welcome to my blog! I have decided to start this to document and share all the adventures of life as I leave San Diego to start something new in Nashville.

Yep, you heard me correctly:  One week from today I'm boldly leaving sunny, beautiful San Diego (my home for the last 12 years) and moving to Tennessee! You may be scratching your head saying 'why there?'.  Quite honestly, some days I do too. :)
Here's a little background behind it:

I have had a desire to move out of San Diego for some time now and began my quest to do so during Summer 2010.  At first I really wanted to move to Asia, Singapore to be exact. I am drawn to that part of the world because potential is just busting at the seams in every way you can imagine- it is the future of business! I looked at jobs in Singapore, Hong Kong, and Seoul. Domestically I looked around in Los Angeles, Denver, Portland, Dallas, and even our very own San Diego.

Nashville never once crossed my mind.

Meanwhile in July 2011 the bank I work for announced plans to consolidate my office with another local branch. Our lease in the shopping center was coming due, and with a demand increase in rent when doing business in a community with an annual growth rate of less than 5%, it simply didn't make financial sense for the bank to renew.  Another local branch 4 miles away would be poised to absorb our clientele. 

Knowing this, I knew something in my life would certainly change by the branch closing date of Sept 30th- either I would continue at the bank or move on to another job. But certain doors kept closing and my desires kept changing.  I just couldn't figure out where my next steps would take me.  Talk about soul-searching...these past 6 months have been intense! (More to unfold in future blogs I'm sure.)

Needing a break from it all, I decided to visit a couple good friends in Nashville. While there I started to feel an uncomfortable tug inside. A tug that said there is something for me there and that I need to pursue some things in that city.  That was 8 weeks ago.

Upon returning to San Diego that tug began to grow day by day, and a few weeks later I gave in to it and decided to start the process of moving there. I'm still unsure of what those 'things' are, but I'm trusting that the next chapter of my life will beautifully unfold in Nashville.

Here are some pics of my future home city!
Downtown Nashville with the building more popularly known as the Batman building.

Home to several great universities including Vanderbilt University.

                The Parthenon- not the real one of course, but the only complete replica in the world.

                                            Friendly southern hospitality!

                                                      NFL Home to the Titans


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